Conventional Farming

The Incredible Economic Benefits of Biotic Fertility are Now Available from Perfect Blend.

Increase Nutrient Density.
Restoring nutrient density to crops begins with restoring usable mineral values to soils. Minerals in an ionic form are required for a plant to build mineral and vitamin content. With increased topsoil mineral, content plants can increase nutrient density systemically. The complete primary, secondary and trace mineral package contained in NPK+biotics not only contains chelated minerals, but actually facilitates additional transfer of soil minerals into a form that plants can use. The result is a more nutritious crop, and a crop that is itself healthier and better able to resist disease and weather stress.

Building Sustainable Soils

NPK+biotics provides growers with the very best of conventional fertilizers and the proven benefits of
biotic fertilizers.
• Remediates worn and damaged soil
• Sustains soils for long-term profitability and yields
• Decreases levels of required nitrogen inputs
• Increases levels of soil organic matter
• Increases systemic sugars & nutrient density

Lower Overall Input Costs

Many growers only consider the costs of fertilizers when making their fertilizer buying decision.  Conventional growers using generic NPK formulations based on synthetic nitrogen find that a successful crop requires the use of fungicides and herbicides.  They automatically assume that biotic fertilizers require the same array of agriculture chemicals required by conventional NPK fertilizers.  The arrays of agriculture chemicals used by most conventional growers are simply often not necessary with biotic fertilizers.  Biotic fertilizers offer a grower  the opportunity to grow crops with less toxicity and less overall input costs.