Organic Farming

We believe its just good science.
The digestive system for a plant is based in the soil around it and driven by soil microbes. These microbes take in Perfect Blend and render it into high value fulvic and humic acids. These humic substances play an essential role in converting organic substances into foods that become plant available.In addition, they are powerful chelating agents to render the minerals in Perfect Blend into forms that plants can use.

Stabilizing the feedstock base at the molecular structural level and slowing down the release of its wide range of nutrients is the secret of Perfect Blend CNEF. Only after chemical transformation is the chicken waste feed stock base in a correct form to slowly feed soil bacteria .These microbes in turn produce complex fulvic and humic acid structures necessary for good soil microorganism health.These humic substances contain sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorus, and the entire range of minerals contained in the Perfect Blend formulations.