The Biotic Revolution 
From the PBO laboratories, the world leader in organic fertilizer research and development, comes the world’s first patent for a biotic fertilizer™. Biotic fertilizers are carefully designed to provide high-quality complex nutrients directly to topsoil microorganisms. Topsoil microorganisms – and their ability to convert organic matter into nutrients easily usable by plants - are the basis of all soil fertility. 
With an understanding of natural soil fertility that is unsurpassed in the organic fertilizer industry, PBO has developed a fertilizer that actually surpasses the speed and effectiveness of naturally occurring fertility. Nature can take 30 years to rebuild a single inch of topsoil. PBO biotic fertilizer can rebuild topsoil at a much faster rate while at the same time providing a level of fertility that allows all turf varieties to reach their full genetic potential. 
Through the new process-manufacturing techniques developed by PBO, the organic feedstock is carefully processed, augmented, reacted and dried. The molecular structure of the original feedstock in PBO fertilizer is changed into a highly soluble nutrient food for topsoil microbes. Not only is the carbon structure altered, but so are the structures of the other complex elements. One of the patented advantages of biotic fertilizers™ are the high level of chelated elements that are already in a form that plants can use. 
Most organic nutrients, whether manure, compost or other organic material, must first undergo physical decomposition before seeping into the structure of the topsoil in the form of liquid nutrients. This decomposition requires bacterial and fungal action and results in the volatilization of important nutrients in the form of methane, ammonia, CO2 and hydrogen sulfide. The act of decomposition itself draws heavily on the nutrient resources of the organic material – leaving less nutrition for use by soil microbes. 
Biotic fertilizers™ manufactured only by PBO, are highly water-soluble. A large percentage of the material does not need to undergo the decomposition phase that devalues organic nutrients. Instead, due to its water-soluble nature our fertilizer bypasses the need for decomposition of microbes and seeps directly into the topsoil. Then our specialized fertility microorganisms use the nutrients to increase soil fertility by building usable soluble soil acids and creating the pigmented polymers that add dark color to the soils. 
It is this ability to bypass decomposition microorganisms and go directly into the topsoil, where topsoil microorganisms can immediately use it to expand their populations that makes Perfect Blend Organics Biotic Fertilizers™ so effective.

A Complex Nutrition Enabling Fertilizer
Perfect Blend fertilizer is a Complex Nutrition-Enabling Fertilizer (CNEF) – a totally new concept in organic fertilizers, supplemented with a rich, balanced combination of secondary and mineral nutrients. The process that transforms Perfect Blend from an unpredictable, unreliable, labile feedstock into a slow release fertilizer is acid-driven hydrolysis. This patented, controlled-conversion manufacturing process actually alters the molecular structure of the chicken waste to render it into a predictable, slow-release material. This manure base, with added secondary mineral nutrients, provides a complete blend designed to provide turf, plants and microbes with a complete and complex nutritional fertilizer. Our formulation provides a total available nutrition program for soil microbes.