Perfect Blend Biotic Fertilizers are available at Lowe’s and other fine retailers in the Pacific Northwest .


Unique Advantages of Perfect Blend Organic Biotic Fertilizer

Perfect Blend biotic plant and lawn food is designed to build up topsoil fertility values in your garden and lawn. These fertility values include a full range of elemental mineral values that create natural soil fertility. Perfect Blend biotic fertilizer combines scientifically balanced proportions of primary minerals (nitrogen, phosphorus, potash), important secondary minerals (calcium, magnesium and sulfur) and necessary trace minerals.

Healthy Soil…Healthy Plants!

Perfect Blend 4-4-2 Registered for Organic Gardening is designed, when applied correctly, to meet your fertilizer needs for garden, nursery, house plants, patio plants and lawn. Perfect Blend fertilizers are made using a proprietary process that produces high quality nutrients focused as nutrition for the soil microbes responsible for natural soil fertility.

The Benefits of using Perfect Blend 4-4-2

  • Provides a complex nutrition to soil that helps plants grow thick, healthy roots, and assists plants in the gathering of required nutrients while maintaining a balanced pH level in the soil.
  • Adds nutrients to tired lawns and maintains the level of nitrogen and other primary, secondary and trace minerals nutrients needed to keep lawns lush.
  • Low odor; does not attract flies and other pests
  • All purpose biotic fertilizer, safe for all your landscaping needs.
  • Benefits fruits and vegetables by enhancing the brix (sugar) levels in your plants. High brix levels mean naturally healthier vegetables, less fruit bruising and a longer shelf life.

Healthy Soil…Healthy Lawn!

Perfect Blend 8-4-2 Organic Based fertilizer is designed, when applied correctly, to sustain beautiful lawns and restores Low Soil Organic Matter Levels In Worn-Out Lawns. Even the best cared for lawns will become depleted of the valuable nutrients found in soil organic matter after repeated use of synthetic fertilizers that do not contain organic nutrients. Perfect Blend will sustain beautiful lawns and will provide valuable organic components specially formulated to restore and rejuvenate lawns.

The Benefits of using Perfect Blend 8-4-2

  • Turns tired lawns into lush green lawns
  • Twice the efficiency of synthetic nitrogen
  • Contains 15 essential nutrients
  • Slow, natural release
  • Non-leaching
  • Safe for use around lakes and streams
  • Balanced formulation
  • Promotes soil microbe growth
  • Contains mycorrhizal inoculants
  • High in amino acids
  • Natural nitrogen source
  • Restores nutrients to over-fertilized soil