Lawn Care

Everyone wants to be the envy of the neighborhood with a lawn so lush and green that it feels like walking on carpet. You can have the lawn everyone envy's with Perfect Blend fertilizers. Our Registered Organic for Gardening 4-4-2 is safe for kids and pets when use as directed. Our Organic Based 8-4-2 with added urea to boost the growth of the grass while slowly releasing 14 essential nutrients required for healthy lawns.


Lawn Care Directions

Established lawns: Will require routine applications; they are beneficial and highly recommended. Apply at the rate of 25 lbs for every 4,000 square feet every 60 days. Water well and wait overnight before allowing children and pets onto the fertilized area.
New Lawns: Will benefit from a heavy base application of Perfect Blend 8-4-2. Apply at the rate of 25 lbs per 2,000 square feet and water well.Sod application: Apply lawn food to soil, lay sod and water well.
Newly seeded lawns: Will benefit from a heavy base application of Perfect Blend 8-4-2. Apply at a rate of 25 lbs per 1,500 square feet and water well. After lawn is established follow existing lawn food application guidelines.


Lawn Care Mowing Tips

Who would have thought that mowing could make a difference in a good looking lawn, and one fit for a king? In fact, when following a few simple guidelines when mowing, it can make a world of difference.
Use a higher setting on your mower - Grass generally performs better when allowed to grow a bit longer. Avoid cutting your grass short, it may mean you don't have to mow as soon, but it can be harmful to your grass. Never cut off more than 1/3 of the length of the grass blades in a single mowing. If lawn growth gets ahead of you, mow it at a higher length, then lower blade and mow again a few days later.
Mow once a week - In spring, when grass is growing more rapidly, mowing twice a week may be necessary to avoid removing more than 1/3 the length of the grass blades.
Keep your mower blade sharp - Mowing with a dull blade tears the ends of grass blades, leaving ragged ends which later turn brown, giving the lawn a dried-out look.
Mow in different directions - Mowing diagonally, horizontally, or in vertical patterns each time you mow to prevent "leaning" of grass blades in your lawn.
Avoid making sharp turns with the mower - Use sidewalks and driveways as a place to turn the mower, or make "header strips" and turn the mower at the end of each row when you reach the header.


Lawn Care Basics

All the traffic and general use, mowing and watering going on with your lawn is causing soil compaction and thatch below the surface. This prevents the grass roots from getting adequate water and nutrients, as well as providing a safe place for bugs to hide.

Aerating: Many lawns, particularly those that receive heavy use, have compacted soil that restricts the movement of much needed air, water and nutrients to the grass' roots. For a healthy lush lawn, it is good to aerate your lawn properly on a regular basis.

Dethatching: Over time, lawns can accumulate a layer of slowly decomposing grass sterns, dead roots, and debris that's above the sod and below grass blades called thatch. Like the thatched roof on a tropical hut, it stops water and fertilizer from reaching the soil and provides a place for harmful insects to hide.

Lawn Maintenance Calendar

Note: For Organic Lawns do not apply any pesticides, or fungicides. Rather use a hand tool to help control weeds.

JANUARY - Apply Perfect Blend 4-4-2 or Perfect Blend 8-4-2. Moss control if needed.

MARCH - Apply Perfect Blend 4-4-2 or Perfect Blend 8-4-2. Sharpen Mower blades, service lawn mower, empty gas and replace with fresh.

MAY - Apply Perfect Blend 4-4-2 or Perfect Blend 8-4-2. Liquid weed control if needed (only if not Organic) Spot Seed if Needed (For grass identification help click here) Must be 45°F to 50°F or higher at nightime. Cover seed with 1/4" of peat moss.Set mower blade to 2" and mow when no higher that 3" (mulch or bag).

JULY - Apply Perfect Blend 4-4-2 or Perfect Blend 8-4-2. Perform tuna can water test. How many minutes until run off? How many minutes until 1" of water in the can? Water 1" once or twice a week

SEPTEMBER - Apply Perfect Blend 4-4-2 or Perfect Blend 8-4-2. Ease off water; watch weather and test for thatch build up. Dethatch if 1/2" or more and Aerate Fill aeration holes with sand if drainage is needed.Fill aeration holes with soil if needed

NOVEMBER - Keep leaves off of lawn Continue to mow, but not as often

Spreader Settings

Most Rotary Spreaders including Scotts Broadcast Rotary Spreader - Setting 7 ½
Most Drop Spreaders including Scotts Drop Spreader – Setting 10 ½