How Perfect Blend Biotic fertilizer works in the soil?

Perfect Blend has worked to improve upon nature's system of soil fertility, which is described below. Our biotic fertilizers are designed to mimic nature in generating growth in soil microorganism populations, which provide the key to soil fertility.

Natural soil fertility is always the result of the life cycle of soil microorganisms, which contain high protein levels and therefore must contain high levels of elemental minerals.Every bacterium is a tiny bag of fertilizer that contains all the nutrients that a plant needs to grow to its full genetic potential. By feeding soil microbe populations focused nutrients, they grow, die and leave their remains in the form of soil acids. Soil acids are basic components of humus. Once the natural fertility is established in soil, it remains for long periods of time, consumed by plants or recycled by other soil microbes regenerating soil fertility.

Natural soil fertility builds in soils that have repeated growth of soil microbe populations. Such soils build carbon nutrients, based on the soil microbe populations, which are the most efficient plant nutrients on Earth. Once a soil has built carbon nutrients, the soil has a greater ability to retain moisture in gel forms made from soil acids. These gels provide a reservoir of moisture to plants, which means that plants enjoy greater resistance to weather extremes and freeze at lower temperatures. Soil gels play an important role in checking erosion and preventing compaction of soils.


What does our fertilizer do for your Garden and Lawn ?

Perfect Blend biotic plant and lawn food is designed to build up topsoil fertility values in your garden and lawn. These fertility values include a full range of elemental
mineral values that create natural soil fertility. Perfect Blend biotic fertilizer combines scientifically balanced proportions of primary minerals (nitrogen, phosphorus,
potash), important secondary minerals (calcium, magnesium and sulfur) and necessary trace minerals.


Advanced Technology

Advanced technology – Perfect Blend biotic fertilizers mimic natural soil fertility and therefore can be applied to most soil types regardless of soil chemistry.

Slow entry into the soil – Perfect Blend biotic fertilizers enter the soil gently as the water-soluble granules transform into a tea that easily penetrates the topsoil to provide nutrients.

Concentrated soil acids - Perfect Blend biotic fertilizers rapidly build concentrated soil acids that are the basis of soil humus. Upon exposure to moisture, these slightly acidic compounds form into soil acid gels — an important part of nature's program for holding soil moisture and protecting soil from erosion.

Two types of biotic fertilizers - Perfect Blend 4-4-2 100% Organic biotic fertilizers that are registered under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) for use by 100% organic growers. Perfect Blend also manufactures 8-4-2 with added urea supplemental forms that is not USDA NOP compliant. Both types of fertilizers offer high levels of biotic performance. The 100% organic products manufactured by Perfect Blend are in widespread use in the commercial organic agriculture industry, and both products are used in commercial landscaping and on sports turf venues nationwide.

Unique manufacturing process - Perfect Blend manufacturers biotic fertilizer under a patent-pending process . We gently alters the nature of the feedstock without traditional composting or other processing forms that destroy vital natural nutrients.

Environmentally safe - Perfect Blend biotic fertilizers are low leach. Soils fertilized with Perfect Blend are considered safe for kids and pets.

Complete formulations - Patent-pending Perfect Blend biotic fertilizers are made with complete nutrient formulations that we believe are unmatched by our competitors. Please read the labels, compare, and decide for yourself whether Perfect Blend is the world's best fertilizer.


The Benefits of Mycorrhizal Fungi

What are mycorrhizal fungi? Mycorrhizae is a root fungus that establishes colonies in and around plant roots, sending out thousands of tiny tubes into the surrounding soils to find and uptake plant nutrients. These hollow tubes, known as hyphae, are primary conduits of minerals, soil-contained amino acids, phytochemicals, moisture and a multitude of other nutrients. The mycorrhizal fungus feeds the plants, and in return the plants provide CO2 and other nutrients to the fungus. The fungus also stores any excess, unneeded nutrients for future plant use in the form of glomalin, a high-grade nutrient source. The tiny mycorrhizal hyphae are vital in forming high-grade organic soils, as is glomalin, which becomes an important component of soil organic matter.
Vital mycorrhizal colonies can vanish due to over-fertilization, compaction or previous misuse. Perfect Blend fertilizers reinforce existing colonies and re-start new mycorrhizal colonies in soils where natural colonies have been lost. The high-quality nutrients provided by Perfect Blend fertilizers are formulated at the right pH and nutrient balance for optimum mycorrhizae growth.

What are the benefits of mycorrhizal fungus? Most shrubs, trees, lawn and garden plants benefit from my­corrhizal fungus. The result of the use of mycorrhizal fungus in Perfect Blend biotic fertilizer is greater plant vitality and health, better moisture management in the root zone and increased soil values. Perfect Blend adds the fungus to our fertilizers to help balance soil microorganism populations for enhanced soil fertility.